Social Media Housekeeping For Your Job Search – Free downloadable checklist

Social Media Housekeeping

Social Media Housekeeping – why it should be part of your daily routine in the larger scheme of things:

First impressions count, this is why social media housekeeping is so important. Because the internet adds another dimension to our lives giving people another opportunity to come across first impressions of us. So it’s no longer only a first impression when you meet someone face to face. Chances are you’ve looked them up on LinkedIn or some other social media platform before you met.

The same applies for recruiters and employers – they hop onto Google and search for you online as soon as your application comes up, or your name is mentioned.

This is why building your personal brand has become so important, and it should be something you decide to take social media housekeeping seriously if you want to succeed in your job search. Once it’s up on the internet it’s out there for the world (yes literally, the world) to see, and more importantly – it’s out there pretty much forever.

Here’s a thought: we tend to focus on other people when we think of first impressions – what did I think of them? Today, we should swop that around so it becomes – what did they think of me? Same with body language; be aware of the body language impressions you are giving off when you meet people and have a conversation with them. Vanessa van Edwards, a body language specialist, says that 7% of what we say is verbal. That means a whopping 93% of the conversation we’re having is from our body language.  This applies to the pictures and videos you post online as well – they all tell stories about what kind of person you are. Can you see why it’s no longer only celebrities who have to think about their brand image and social media housekeeping? Social media has made everyone a model, the most unlikely celebrities and us – unsuspecting victims of being snapped.

Before you apply for a job please do some social media housekeeping of your online profiles. And go back a few years so you catch all those times other people posted pics of you and your friends drinking at the rugby for example. The fact is, even though you may consider your Facebook profile as personal – it’s not. As long as it’s posted online, it’s out there and if people really want to find something out about you they most probably can, one way or another. So be careful what you choose to post, what you let yourself be associated with, and what your friends post on your pages associated with you – because it could be the reason you don’t get that job you so desperately wanted. Every day there are more recruiters and hiring personnel being trained up to search for candidates through social media. And that’s their livelihood, so they’re getting better at it exponentially. More and more relationships are beginning on the net and then transition to in-person meetings. Since a large portion of getting a job depends on whether you’re a likeable person, translating into ‘people hire people they like and want to work with’, you should consider showing your likeable and above reproach qualities online.

Download the Social Media Housekeeping Checklist that comes with this post and get your online brand consistent and ready for your job search.

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