How To Determine Your Value In The Job Market

Your Ultimate Value

We talk with a great number of people every year as part of NZ Job Search and it amazes us that so many people are unsure of their ultimate value in the market. It does explain why so many people are struggling to find the ideal job in the market, either because of strong competition or because they don’t know exactly where they fit in. In either case, the better you know yourself and your ultimate value in the market, the better your chances of getting what you want.

So, how do you determine your ultimate value in the market?

  • Write down all the job activities that you actually enjoy doing.
  • Make a list of the types of people that you like working with (not names of actual people, but rather personality types).
  • Do a proper SWOT analysis on yourself.
  • Ask friends and family what they think you are good at .

    The reason we suggest you write down the job activities you enjoy is because the likelihood of you being good at those activities are quite good because you want to do them. There will be people out there that don’t necessarily like doing those job activities; for example: You like getting neck deep in administrative tasks, but many other people, especially many of the sales people I know, don’t like admin at all. This means that many companies whose staff are not keen on admin, would value your affinity for it, which adds to your ultimate value in the market.

Why the types of people you like working with is important, is because birds of a feather flock together, and knowing the people you like working with will give you an indication of the type of environment you like working in. This is important to know, because not everyone would like the type of environment you like, yet all types of environments exist in companies all over, so when a company struggles to find people to fit into such environments, it’s good to know where you fit in, which again helps you understand your ultimate value in the market.

There is probably nothing more important to knowing your ultimate value in the market than doing a SWOT analysis on yourself. This is one of the things we focus quite heavily on in our NZ Job Search program, because it forms the foundation of everything else you do as part of your job search, or building your career. When we talk about SWOT, we don’t mean a simple little quadrant graph with bullet points. No, we are talking about in depth descriptions with stories, and after doing a proper SWOT analysis on yourself, you will know exactly what your ultimate value is. Not just in the market, but also what you are meant to do.

Many people think that your friends and family will want to tell you what they think you want to hear, but that’s not always true. If you ask the question deliberately, you should get a straight answer, so ask the question plain and simple: “What do you feel is my biggest strength?” or “What would you say I am really good at?”. You don’t have to take their answers as gospel, but you will get a good feel for what people think about you and your ultimate value.

So, what is your ultimate value in the market?

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